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Buying Insurance: How to Choose the Right Plan
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HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs
Shop Around for MRIs, CTs, and PET Scans
7 Ways to Help Lower Out-of-Pocket Health Care Costs
What’s the Difference Between HMO and PPO Plans
What to Do in Case of Dental Emergencies
Do You Need Health Insurance
Understanding Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
What is POS Health Insurance
Generic vs Brand Name Drugs
How to Deal with Fear of Doctors
Common Types of Dentists
How to Deal with Anxiety at Work
How Effective is Low Impact Exercise
What is a Pre-Existing Condition
What is Prior ization
Health Insurance Between Jobs
What is Catastrophic Health Insurance
High-Deductible Health Plans Pros and Cons
Types of Health Insurance
What Is A Health Insurance Premium
Orthodontic Coverage
What is an Out-of-Pocket Maximum?
Types of Dental Insurance
Is Depression a Pre-Existing Condition?
How Does COBRA Insurance Work?
What is Preventive Dentistry?
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PPO vs. POS Plans: What’s the Difference?
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Cigna Dental Oral Health Integration Program®
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Cigna Healthy Working Life Program
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Prescription Drug List Search Tool
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Cigna Specialty Pharmacy
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Cigna's Legal Referral Program
Cigna's Financial Assistance Resources
Get Support after a Traumatic Event
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Health and Wellness
Eat Better, Run Better
Make Your Marathon a Family Affair
Exercising as a New Mom
Training Tips to Prevent Injury
Running at Any Age
How to Achieve a Personal Best
Safety Tips When You Run
Nutrition When You're Exercising
Benefits of Cross Training
Foam Rollers for Self Massage
Race Day Etiquette
Create a Running Playlist
Flu Season Tips for Runners
Prevent Gum Disease
Stay Motivated to Exercise
Family Care
Finding a Workout Buddy
Why Visit the Dentist?
Hydration Tips to Prepare for a Race
Wisdom Teeth 101
Take the Healthy Kids Challenge
8 Ways Running Works Wonders for Your Mind
Alcohol and Your Oral Health
Brush Your Teeth in 7 Steps
Health Concerns for Lesbian and Bisexual Women
Health Concerns for Gay and Bisexual Men
LGBT Health
It Gets Better
Sleep More, Exercise Better
LGBT Health Disparities
Healthy Aging
Early Signs of Oral Cancer
Overcoming Dental Anxiety
Stress and Your Oral Health
How Do You Recover from a Race?
Behavioral Awareness for Children and Families
Health Care as We Get Older
Motivation in a Long Run
Advice for Your First Race
Diagnosing and Treating Dry Mouth
Tips to Keep Your Kids' Smiles Happy and Healthy
Dental Care for Seniors
Too Tired to Run
Double Spinach Pasta Casserole With Pesto and Asiago Cheese
Preparing for Your First Race
Roasted Chicken Legs with Potatoes and Kale
Super Seedy Granola Bars
Get Mentally Motivated
Epi Pen Recall
Three-bean Vegetarian Chili
The Effects of Smoking on Your Teeth and Gums
Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Announcement
Blueberry Bananas Overnight Oats
Eggs-traordinary California Avocado Breakfast Muffins
Crock Pot Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili
Crock Pot Butternut Squash, Kale and Bean Soup
Opioids: Know the Risks
Mental Health Care
Caring for an Elderly Loved One
Treatment for Substance Use Disorders
Become a Healthy Eater
Understanding Anger
FAQ: Behavioral Health Providers
Drinking, Drugs, and Families
New Baby, No Sleep
Depression in Children
Eating Well
Drinking, Drugs, and Women
Use or Abuse
Understanding Codependency
Baby Bedtime Battles
The Dry Drunk
Relapse and Recovery
Drinking, Drugs, and Men
Drinking, Drugs, and Teens
Depression as We Age
FAQ: Coverage for Bipolar Treatment
ADHD Management: What to Expect
Stress Management Toolkit
How to Find Balance
Peanut Butter Overnight Oats
Quinoa Black Bean Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers
Starting Treatment for ADHD: What to Expect
Understanding Bipolar Disorder
Eating Disorders
Warning Signs of Eating Disorders
Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder
Lemony Pesto Pasta With Edamame and Almonds
Finding Quality Eldercare
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
ADHD Assessment: What to Expect
Coping After a Disaster
Pumpkin Cranberry Granola Bites
The Addicted Teenager
Dental Health
Coping With the Baby Blues
Treatment for Eating Disorders
The Other Eating Disorders
Understanding Depression
Anxiety Disorders
All About Autism
Exercise and Fitness
Oral Health and Pregnancy Quiz
Gum Disease Risk Assessment Quiz
Health Concerns for Transgender Persons
Cavity Risk Assessment Quiz
Changing Lives by Integrating Mind and Body® (CLIMB)
Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies
Emergency Room Visit
Benefits of Exercise
How Many Miles Should I Walk a Day
What Causes Bags and Dark Circles Under Eyes
How to Stay Awake at Work
What Happens During a Dental Check-Up
Natural Remedies for Headaches
Prepare for Oral Surgery
Oral Health Awareness Quiz
How to Be Happy Every Day with These 10 Simple Tips
What Happens During an Eye Exam
Substance Use Disorders
Top Secret Project - Exploring the Hidden Dangers of the Teen Domain
Prevention at 澳门博彩手机版下载home: Talking to Your Kids About Substance Use and Practical Ways to Keep Them Safe
Mental Health
Adolescent Suicide Prevention
Successful Parenting
Meltdown Management
The Adolescent World: Unlocking the Pieces
Parents in Prevention: Substance Abuse Prevention for Grades 1-5
Interventions for the Anxious Child
Shame-Proof Parenting Strategies for Raising Healthy Children
Introduction to NAMI Programs
Is ADHD Coaching Right for my Teen?/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
"Genderation" of Youth: The Clinical Approach to Gender Diverse and Transgender Youth Across Development
How to Deal with Pain and Avoid Suffering
Mental Health in Schools
Brain Informed Behavioral Interventions
Identifying Mental Issues in the Classroom
504 Accommodations for Attention Deficit Disorder
Hunger Games: Brought to You by Modern Society America
The Family's Story: A Narrative Approach to Embracing Long Term Recovery
Media as a Toxic Mirror: Promoting Positive Self Image in a Culture of Body Dissatisfaction
Calming Worried Minds After a School Trauma
The Power of Mindful Parenting
Smoke and Mirrors: The Truth about Vaping and Your Child's Health
Medical Management of ADHD
Re-Framing the Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Borderline Personality in Adolescents
Addressing the Bullying Epidemic with Families
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
Benefits of Family Meals
Family Accommodation in Childhood OCD and Anxiety Disorders
Parenting the Anxious Child
SAFE! Issues Facing Today’s Youth and How We Can Help
Mindfulness Based Art Therapy
ADHD and the Adolescent Brain
Understanding Your Adolescent
Building an Alliance Together: Preventing Alcohol Exposed Pregnancies
Communicating with Adolescent and Teens about Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol
How to Encourage Your Child to Listen
Transition to Adulthood: Start with the End in Mind
Joint Attention: Fostering Social Communication Skills
How and Why to Build Compassionate Communities for Children with Autism
Teaching Beginning Language and Establishing Vocalizations in Children with Autism: A Tutorial for Parents
Teaching Language to Children with Autism
Evidenced Based Teaching Strategies for Individuals with ASD
Transition and Planning for the Future
Social Skills and How they Relate to My Child
Using Behavior Charts Successfully to Modify Behaviors
Gastrointestinal Problems in Children with ASD
ABC Data Recording and Consequence-Based Strategies for Behavior Change
Important Skills for Sexual Education
Easy Compliance Training for Parents and Caregivers
Oral medication
Programming for Advanced Learners with ASD
Parent Involvement in ABA Treatment Programs for Individuals with ASD
Teaching Play Skills to Individuals with ASD
Internet Safety: Planning and Prevention for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Bridge to Spoken Language
Shear Sunshine: How to Make Haircuts More Peaceful
Sexuality for All Abilities
The Role of Occupational Therapy in Treating Children with Autism
Toilet Training for Individuals with Special Needs
Top 5 Behavior Management Tactics for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Organizing and Advocating for Your Child with an IEP
Parent Training
How to Manage Expectations When Routines Are Broken
Strategies to Improve Your Child's Sleep
Navigating Autism Diagnoses
Sexuality, Sex Education, and Safety
Teens and Developing Social Skills
Eating Disorders
Binge Eating Disorders
Emotional Awareness/Training in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
Mental Health and Emotional Treatment of Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders and Type 1 Diabetes (ED-DMT1): Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment
When Words Fail: Moving Through Eating Disorder Recovery with Dance/Movement Therapy
"Why Don't You Just Eat Normally?" - Why Brains Get So Stuck in Eating Disorders
Diversity in Eating Disorders
Stay. Heal.: How I Learned to Stop Running to My Eating Disorder
Neurobiology and Eating Disorders: Implications in Clinical Care
Goodbye ED, Hello Me® - From Recovery to Liberation
Fun in the Sun: ED Summer Support Tips for Surviving Swimsuit Season
Cutting Edge Eating Disorder Treatment
Family Dynamics
Family Based Treatment for Eating Disorders
Dieting vs. Disordered: When Watching What You Eat Goes Too Far
Intuitive Eating
The Role of Nutrition Therapy and Education in the Recovery Process
Malnourished Minds: The Importance of Nutritional Supplementation in Recovery
Diversity in Eating Disorders
Invisible Women: Eating Disorders and Midlife
Exposure Based Treatment of Complex Eating Disorders
The Incorporation of Intuitive Eating
Personal Recovery
Understanding Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders and Co-Occurring OCD
Eating Disorders and Athletes
Binge Eating Disorders
EMDR and Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders: What You Need to Know
One-Week Intensive Family Therapy Program at UCSD Eating Disorders Treatment Center
Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery
Trauma Informed Care with Eating Disorders
Medical Concerns in Eating Disorders
Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)
Critical Incident Stress Management Services
Dealing with the Impact of Violence
Supporting Employees After a Hurricane
Helping Children Cope with Disaster
Supporting Coworkers and Others After a Traumatic Event
In the Aftermath of a School Shooting
Talking to Your Child About School Violence
How to Help Children Cope with Grief
Managing Distress After a Violent Attack
Tips for Managers in Times of Stress and Disaster
Helping Children Cope After a Traumatic Event
Dealing with the Death of an Employee
Staying Connected During a Disaster
Get the Support You Need After a Traumatic Event
Coping with Loss Due to Fire
Coping with Violence in the Community
Talking to Children about Death
Stress Reactions and Self-Care Strategies After a Traumatic Event
Managing Distress After a Disaster
Estrateji Pou Pran Swen Tèt Ou
Managing Distress on the Anniversary of a Traumatic Event
Disaster Assistance Resources
Maximize Your Employee Assistance Benefits
Fighting the Stigma of Mental Health
Witnessing a Traumatic Event
Be Prepared – Disaster Planning
When Kids are Bullied at School
Coping with Fear of Violent Attacks and Terrorism
Bad News from the Teacher
Coping with the Death of a Coworker
Disaster Resource Center
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Employers
Dental Health and Pregnancy
Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Loneliness
How to Deal with Loneliness after Divorce or a Break-Up
Common Causes of Loneliness in a Relationship
The Effects of Stress and Their Impact on Your Health
Checklist to Think About with Your Aging Loved Ones
Caregiver Resources
Eldercare Info Organizer
How to Deal with Depression at Work
Helping Children Cope During Deployment
Living with PTSD and War Experience: What It Is and What to Do
Supporting Veterans Returning to Work
Staying Connected with Family Members
Reintegration Process after Returning from Deployment
Self-Care Strategies After Returning from Military Deployment
Military and Veteran Resources
Physical Symptoms of Depression
How to Deal with Loneliness
Suicide Awareness and Prevention
Depression in the Workplace
What Do I Say?
Suicide Risk Factors and Warning Signs
Understanding Risk for Teens, Elderly, and Military Veterans
Responding to Suicide Warning Signs

Employers and Brokers

Employers and Brokers
Plans and Services
Population Health Management
Whole-Person Health Plans
Who We Serve
Medium Business (500-4,999)
Taft-Hartley and Federal Plans
Large Business (5,000+)
Small Business (51-499)
Health Insurance for Hospital Employers
State and Local Government Employee Health Insurance
Partners and Community Connections
Cigna Affinity Groups
Customized Solutions for Third Party Administrators
Health Insurance for Higher Education Employers
Why Cigna
Improving Health Through Wellness
Clinical Quality and Innovation
Controlling Costs and Improving Quality
Controlling Costs and Improving Quality
One Guide
Personalized Customer Engagement
Bundled Services Help Keep Costs Lower
Dedicated Support for the Public Sector
Partnering Opportunities for Hospitals and Health Systems
Industry Insights
Informed on Reform
Proposed Regulations 2019 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters
Executive Action on Health Care
Tax Reform Bill Passes the U.S. Senate with Potential ACA Impacts
ACA Repeal and Replace Efforts Continue in the Senate
AHCA Withdrawn – What’s Next
ACA Repeal and Replace Efforts Unsuccessful in U.S. Senate
2019 Final Rule on HRAs
Final Regulations Issued for Individual Market Stabilization
Navigating the Road Ahead
The American Health Care Act Passes the U.S. House
The American Health Care Act – AHCA
No ACA Repeal Under 2017 Reconciliation
ACA Ruled Unconstitutional – Law Remains in Effect During Appeal
Cadillac Tax and Health Insurance Industry Fee Delayed in Spending Bill
IRS Extends 2017 Reporting Due Dates for 1095 Forms Sent to Individuals
New Guidance on HRAs and Section 1332 Waivers
Proposed Regulations Issued for Individual Market Stabilization
Tax Reform Bill Includes Repeal of Individual Mandate Beginning in 2019
Final Regulations - 2019 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters
Final Regulations – 2020 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters
Final Regulations – 2021 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters
IRS Extends 2018 Reporting Due Dates for 1095 Forms Sent to Individuals
Opioid Legislation Signed into Law
Three ACA Taxes Repealed and 5th Circuit Decision in Two Major Events This Week
HHS Finalizes Data Sharing Rules
CARES Act, COVID-19 Relief Package, Signed into Law
MLR Rebate FAQs
The Evolving Health Care Landscape
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Cadillac Tax
Health Insurance Exchanges/Marketplaces
Essential Health Benefits
Individual Mandate
Employer Mandate
Enhancing Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage
Cigna's ASO PPACA Fees and Reporting Resources
Embedded OOP Customer Impacts
Health Care Policies and Issues
Preventive Care Services
Market Rules Under the Affordable Care Act
Reporting Requirements Toolkit
Section 1557 Nondiscrimination Requirements
Wellness Programs and Incentives
Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Reporting Requirements
Cost Sharing
Section 1332 Waivers
Federal Regulations
Comparative Effectiveness Research Fee (CERF) Toolkit
Health Care Guidance for Consumers
How Millennials Choose Voluntary Benefits
Long-Term Stability for the Pipe Industry Health and Welfare Fund of Colorado
Financial Stability of a Taft-Hartley Benefit Trust Fund
Workplace Wellness
Why Good Dental Care is Important
How Voluntary Benefits Help Women
The Value of Disability Insurance
Cigna Onsite Health Video
Health Engagement Redefined
Reducing Short-Term Disability Mental Illness Claims
Maximizing the Value of Consumer-Driven Health Plans
Advantages and Myths of Bundling Medical + Pharmacy + Stop-Loss
Incentives Drive Health and Affordability
Built to Fit: Understanding Wellness in the Building and Construction Trades Industry
Experts Discuss Consumer-Driven Health Plans
Improving Health Becomes a Walk in the Park
Employee Engagement with Cigna Health Matters
Onsite Health Center Trends
Consumer-Driven Health Plans Information and News
Advantages and Myths of Self-Funding
Coping with the Death of an Employee
Cigna 360° Well Being Survey
Moments that Matter Most to Health Plan Customers
Pharmacy Cost Control
Mitigating the impact of high-deductible health plans
Help Employees Manage Stress
Continuing the Journey to Value-Based Care
Workplace Wellness
Measuring Up in Wellness
Health Care Benefits Strategy
Demystifying Health Insurance
Health Care Trend Watch 2019
Wellness Programs at Work
Investing in Wellness
Getting Started
Become a Broker
Information for Small Group Brokers
Additional Insurance Options
Group Accidental Injury Insurance
Group Life Insurance
Group Hospital Care (Indemnity) Insurance
Cigna Leave Solutions®
Managing Team Productivity When a Coworker Takes Leave: Guidance for Employers
Group Critical Illness Insurance
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
Group Disability Insurance
Disability Insurance Podcasts
Onsite Health Services
Group Health Insurance Plans
Open Access Plus
PPO Health Plans
HMO Health Plans
Medical Network
Medical Indemnity Health Plans
LocalPlus Plans
Cigna Group Dental and Group Vision Plans
Group Dental Insurance for Employers
Cigna Dental Health Connect
Group Vision Plans for Employers and Organizations
Marketplaces and Exchanges
Cigna Integrated Pharmacy Benefits
Specialty Pharmacy Management Across Benefits
Cost Control Strategies
Defined Contributions for Employer Health Plans
Funding Solutions
Stop Loss for Health Plans
Wellness, Mental Health, and Behavioral
Behavioral Health
Health and Wellness Programs

Health Care Providers

Health Care Providers
Provider Directory Changes
International Network
Medical Network Credentialing
Behavioral Health Credentialing
Dental Network Credentialing
Coverage and Claims
HIPAA Compliance and Transaction Standards
HIPAA Transaction and Code Set Standards
Coverage Policies
Medical Necessity Definitions
Coverage for Multiple Surgical Procedures
Medical Supplies Coverage Policies
Appeals and Disputes
How to Submit Appeals
Medicare Select Plus Rx Appeals Policy
California Dispute Policy
California Dispute Policy
Claim Payments
Overpayment Recovery
Prior izations
The Value of In-Network Labs
Submit Claims
Clean Claim Requirements
Electronic Data Interchange Vendors
When to File Claims
Coverage Policies
Formulary Drug Lists
Formulary Changes
July 2017 Non-Medicare Formulary Changes
Formulary Changes
July 2018 Cigna Non-Medicare Formulary Changes
January 2018 Cigna Non-Medicare Formulary Change
Medicare Part D
Pharmacy Management and Credentialing
Provider Resources
Cigna's Approach to Health Equity Challenges
Evolving Models of Care Delivery
Preventive Care Coverage Guidelines
Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate Reporting
Compliance Training Tools for Pharmacies
Pharmacy Outreach Program
Tips for Working with a Language Interpreter
Physician Shortage: Overview and Implications
Genetic Testing and Counseling Program
Language Assistance Services
Cultural Resources
Delivering Quality Care to Diverse Populations
Health Disparities in the LGBT Community
Hispanic Health Disparities
In-network Genetic Counselors
Case Management
Commonly Used Patient Forms in Spanish
Health Disparities: How Your Practice and Patients May Be Affected
Cigna Dental Oral Health Integration Program®
African-American Health Disparities
California Language Assistance Program (CALAP)
Cultural Competency Training
Creating Value through Collaboration
Close the Cultural Divide
Herbal Therapies in Latino and Caribbean Immigrant Communities
Integrating Behavioral and Medical Health
Balanced Alliances with Provider Partners
Network News
Programs for Patients
Cultural Competency and Health Equity
Using Mobile Health to Prevent Diabetes in India
Colon Cancer in the African-American Community Podcast
Go Red for Women: American Heart Month Podcast
Cultural Competency in Health Care
The Body and Mind Connection

About Us

About Us
Company Profile
Leadership Team
Brian Evanko
David Cordani
Nicole Jones
Matt Manders
Steve Miller, MD
Eric Palmer
Mike Triplett
Jason Sadler
John Murabito
Tim Wentworth
Kristen Lauria
Corporate Governance
Committees of the Board
Code of Ethics and Principles of Conduct
Board of Directors
Cigna Accreditation
Cigna Milestones
Events and Sponsorships
Cigna Return to Work and Achilles
Social Media
Studies and Reports
Loneliness is at Epidemic Levels in America
View the Loneliness Research Report
360˚ Well-being Score
Cigna Disability Survey
Washington Post "Addiction In America" Forum
Cigna Addresses Substance Use Disorders
Loneliness Questionnaire
Assessing Loneliness During the Holidays
The power of data: Helping dentists manage pain safely
Don’t Wait for Open Enrollment. Learn About Voluntary Benefits Now.
Life Insurance Helps Protect Your Family When They Need It Most. Here Are 5 Tips to Get Started.
A Healthy Smile Goes a Long Way When It Comes to Body & Mind Wellness
Children’s Dental Health Month
America’s State of Mind 2020
Acute Hospitalizations Decrease During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Keeping Kids Healthy During COVID-19
Community Impact
Cigna Foundation
Cigna Grant to Montana Hospital Helps Native American Mothers Have Healthy Babies
Cigna, Shatterproof Are Proud Partners in Fight Against Opioid Addiction
Watch: Winners of the Cigna Foundation-Ghetto Film School Filmmaking Competition
Opioid Addiction and Overdose: Confronting the Epidemic Together
Health Improvement Tour
Preventive Care Health Screenings Come to You through Cigna’s Health Improvement Tour
Mental Well-being Support for Veterans is Just One Call Away
Cigna Fights Childhood Hunger through Healthier Kids for Our Future Initiative
Testing the Power of Possibilities at Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend
Cigna and Humphries Elementary: A Bond That Keeps Growing
Running Against the Odds
Disabilities can, and do, happen. Stay on track by planning ahead.
Cigna Foundation Helps Piedmont Heart Institute Expand Women’s Heart Program
Duty of Care: Protecting the Change-makers
Building Apps, Hard Drives, and Opportunities for Kids with Different Abilities
The Truth about Substance Use Disorder Recovery
Acknowledging Our Unconscious Bias
Chester County, South Carolina Says No to Colon Cancer
Taking Care of the Families of Healthcare Workers Who Risk Their Lives Every Day
We Stand Together
Innovating the Health Care Experience
Preventing Diabetes Through Digital Innovation
Choosing a Health Insurance Plan? Here’s What You Need to Know
“Answers by Cigna” Skill for Amazon Alexa Simplifies, Personalizes Health Care Information
Collaborative Care
Cigna Collaborative Care with Large Physician Groups
Cigna Collaborative Care for Specialists
How To Calm the Minds of Children After a School Trauma
Cigna Completes Combination with Express Scripts, Establishing a Blueprint to Transform the Health Care System
How to Make Emotional Health Your #1 Goal in 2019
Moving from Volume to Value
Cigna App Connects Pregnant Moms to Personalized Coaching Promoting Safer Pregnancies, Healthier Babies
Many Women in Business Choose the Road Less Traveled- To Their Benefit
An App Has Shown to Increase Feelings of Happiness
Life Happens, Health Follows: Approaching Health Care as a Complete Picture
Personalized Support Helps Customers Navigate a Complex Health Terrain
Defining the Health Care Opportunity
Making the Most of the Medicare Annual Election Period
Building Better Health Care for Everyone
How Employers Can Help Fight Addiction
Finding Solutions: Overcoming Chronic Low Back Pain
Creating a More Sustainable Health Care System
Thank You, Doctors and Health Care Professionals
Cigna Steps Up to Help Relieve Financial Stress During Pandemic
Taking Extraordinary Actions in Extraordinary Times
How to Stay Healthy While Social Distancing
5 Tips to Combat Loneliness During Social Distancing
Cigna Group Insurance and FINEOS Develop an Advanced Care Platform
Overcoming the COVID-19 Crisis
Transitioning to Telehealth Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Keeping Personal Information Safe During a Pandemic
Cigna Affirms Commitment to Women’s Equity
Cigna Earns Top-50 Honor From DiversityInc
Elective Surgery Delays During COVID-19
Dedicated to Making Essential Medications More Affordable
Cigna Dental is Helping Employers through COVID-19 Challenges
News and Views
Awards and Recognitions
Press Releases
Cigna in the News
Media Resources
New York Life to Acquire Cigna's Group Disability and Life Insurance Business
Loneliness is at epidemic levels in America
Corporate Responsibility
2019 Report
Sustainability Performance Plan
Case Study
Community Resilience
Case Study: Utilizing Renewable Energy
Case Study: 100% Paper Shredding Policy
Case Study: Preparing for the Next Emergency
Case Study: Supporting Electric Vehicle (EV) Use
Energy, Emissions, Water and Waste
Responsible Business
Supply Chain Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Privacy Info Protection
Ethics and Integrity
Corporate Governance and Risk Management
Our People
Diversity and Inclusion
Human Capital Development
Our Culture
Employee Health, Safety, and Wellness
Case Study: Cigna Diabetes Prevention Program with Omada
Case Study: Mental Health at Work–Human Beings, Being Human
Case Study: Iris–Our Digital Workspace
Case Study: Day of Understanding to Support our CEO Pledge
Case Study: Cigna's Support of People with Different Abilities
Case Study: Caring for Caregivers
Health and Well-Being
Opioids and Mental Health
Quality and Access
Health Equity
Formula For Change
Customer Centricity
Case Study: Encouraging Everyone to Take Control of Their Physical and Emotional Health
Case Study: Health Disparities Advisory Council
Case Study: Cigna's Education Campaign on Managing Pain Without Opioids
Case Study: Offering Customized Colorectal Cancer Solutions for Clients
Global Citizenship
Employee Volunteerism And Giving
Community Investment
The Cigna Foundation
2019 Grant Recipients - Case Studies
Case Study One
Case Study Two
Case Study Three
Case Study: World of Difference—Spotlight Grant Videos
2018 Highlights
Performance Tables
UNSD Goals
GRI Index
CEO Letter
Cigna Foundation
Healthier Kids For Our Future
About Us
Photo Gallery
Human Rights Statement
Cigna Environmental Policy Statement
Investor Relations
Financial Strength and Credit Ratings
Quarterly Reports and SEC Filings
Annual Reports and Proxy Statements
Financial FAQ
Debt Instruments
Analyst Coverage
Supplier Community
Ariba Information
Supplier Evaluation Criteria
Supplier Registration Process
Cigna Policy Guidelines
Your Company Profile
Information for Current Suppliers
Non-Employee Travel and Related Expenses
Supplier Diversity Program
Products and Services Cigna Purchases
Third Party Management Program

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Contact Us
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Cigna Accessibility

Cigna Accessibility

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Individuals and Families
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Medicare and Medicaid Customers
Wellness, Mental Health, and Behavioral Resources